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About Life Sucks™  
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Often times, we find ourselves in less than desirable circumstances. Whether this is personal, emotional, or perhaps even in business, life tends to enjoy throwing the occasional curve-ball.

Once we've been hit with that curve-ball, life provides us two choices: become enraged, and stomp our feet, or to pick ourselves up and laugh about it. In 2006 our fearless leader, James Costantini, set out to start a revolution. James thought that instead of living in denial about how great life always is, why not celebrate the little screw ups we all find ourselves in on a daily basis? Why not laugh about the screw ups, rather than allow ourselves to get caught up in the anger of the moment?

In early 2007, James forged a new friendship with award-winning designer Jeremy Heilpern. It wasn't long before the two set out to make James' long time dream a reality. Shortly thereafter, a new star was born: our good friend Steve. The mission of Life Sucks, and our friend Steve, is to Celebrate life's little screw ups!

Life is not about what status we claim during our time, it's all about how we pick up and move on when the chips are down. Life isn't all about roses, it's got it thorns along the way too. Join us in the celebration of life, and the occasional laugh our lives invoke.


our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a product that is both funny, but also creative and comfortable. We anticipate that seeing our product will in turn put a smile on peoples faces, and make them laugh. We hope that all customers will be happy, and inspired by the management of the company.


Value Statement

When asking our CEO what he cares about, he answered “Quality, quality, quality!” That one word can be used to describe our brand as a whole. And, in return, we ask our employees the same. We cherish both innovation and conformity; creativity and simplicity. In our definition, we are a company of opposites.



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