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For many people in the world, life does suck. Between the painful and deadly diseases and the merciless killing, some people are left up asking them self's why? Here at Life Sucks, Inc. we believe that its time to start giving back. There are only two real options to fixing these problems, well three but the bureaucrats sucks, and that only leaves us with money and research. Now, since Life Sucks, Inc. doesn’t employ a team of scientists, we have decided to take the charity route.

Once a month, Life Sucks, Inc. will be releasing a limited time Take Action™ t-shirt. These t-shirts will be sold exclusively online, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the fund that they are related to. This is a large step forward from what many companies are doing currently. Many of the big guys say that “a portion of the proceeds” are going to charity; but do we ever know how much? That’s about to change. With 100% of all proceeds going to the charity, more of your money actually gets out to the people, and you get a cool Life Sucks® t-shirt to showoff your loyalty to a worthy cause.












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