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Often times, we find ourselves in less than desirable circumstances. Whether this is personal, emotional, or perhaps even in business, life tends to enjoy throwing the occasional curve-ball.

Once we've been hit with that curve-ball, life provides us two choices: become enraged, and stomp our feet, or to pick ourselves up and laugh about it. In 2006 our fearless leader, James Costantini, set out to start a revolution. James thought that... [READ ON]

news & Events
  • See us at Surf Expo '08? Don't forget to get in touch with us! Contact us today!
  • We're being featured in the September 5th '07 edition of The Boston Globe! Read now!
  • We'll be unveilling a series of new products at the Surf Expo in Orlando Florida September 14-16!
  • Life Sucks official launch in Boston, was a huge success! Check out the photos!
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Life Sucks Incorporated is a private corporation. Life Sucks is a parody brand, and is not affiliated with or related to any other
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